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The Venetian Club 

of Rockford, Illinois


The year: 1910

the location: 1134 seldon street - anthony turcato's cellar

the event: the founding of the venetian club

It began when a few of the fellows gathered in the cellar and rehearsed for their band. They laughed, toasted moonshine and echoed stories of the past.

They outgrew the cellar shortly thereafter; expansion was necessary. In 1917, and 68 founders later, they rented the auditorium upstairs from Ingrassia Hardware.

Eight years later, in 1926, the membership rocketed to almost 300 members. The plans for the Sanford Street location went into effect and the budget was agreed upon for the $28,000 structure. Each member purchased a $25.00 stock certificate. The balance was obtained from Forest City Bank on North Church Street.  

1929/1930 Depression Time. Forest City Bank threatened to foreclose on the club. This had about 20 members very concerned as they had used their homes for collateral. So together they formed a committee to approach every Venetian and collect what they could.

The note at the bank was for $18,000. The committee handed over $12,000 they collected and the receivership canceled the balance of the note.

The early 1990’s proved to be a very trying time for the club.

It was agreed upon by the men’s council that a change in location was necessary in order for the club

to survive.

In February 1996, a new Venetian Club was built at 2180 Elmwood Road. During the summer of the same year a three bocce courts were constructed. In April, 2000 a bocce roof was erected. A 1400 square foot addition to the banquet hall was constructed in March, 2003.

2010 - The Venetian club celebrated 100 years!

In 2011, Venetian Club expanded once again to meet our growing needs.  The 2011 expansion included an addition to the Member's Bar, a resurfacing of the Bocce Courts, a new Outdoor Concession Area was built, increased storage areas were added, and the kitchen received a much needed expansion. 

Membership continues to rise, bocce continues to be played, and family and friends continue to join together at a place we can all be proud of.   

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