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The Venetian Club 

of Rockford, Illinois

Become a Member of the venetian club

Although we are very proud of our rich Italian tradition(s) and do require Full Members to be of Italian descent, our Social Members do not have to meet this requirement for membership.  We welcome both Full and Social Membership Applications at The Venetian Club.  Full members of The Venetian Club have voting power when it comes to various governing aspects of the club, whereas a Social Member does not.  All Members of The Venetian Club receive membership benefits that include:

- Opportunities to Participate in All Member Activities, Dinners and Events
- Fantastic Drink Prices in Our Members' Bar
- Key Card Access to The Venetian Club Entrance
- Abundant Opportunities for Friendship and Expansion of Your Social Network
- Great Food, Great Fun in a Great Place with Great People!


Membership Requirements:

Applications for Membership to The Venetian Club are subject to review and final approval by The Venetian Club Council Members. 

The Venetian Club is a private social club that encourages active participation from club members.  Our members volunteer at a variety of events sponsored by The Venetian Club and their time, expertise and efforts are given to ensure that our club is a place we can all be proud to be a part of. 

To be considered for membership, you must fill out a Venetian Club Membership Application and have it signed by two Full Members of The Venetian Club who have agreed to sponsor your application. A sponsor is someone who knows you personally and is therefore, vouching for the integrity of your character.  Please find detailed information regarding sponsorship under either Men's or Women's Application Process, further down the page.

To be considered for a Full Membership to The Venetian Club, you will be required to provide proof of Italian descent as noted on the Application for Membership. 

If you are not of Italian descent, your application will be considered for Social Membership acceptance only.  (Men and Women who are married to a Full Member of The Venetian Club may apply for Full Membership regardless of their own ethnic descent.)


Full Member Dues are $75.00 Per Year* Plus an initial $50 initiation fee.

Social (Honorary) Member Dues are $75.00 Per Year* Plus an initial $50 initiation fee.

*Additional Mortuary Fees are assessed throughout the year.  A fee is assigned to each Full Member per each Full Member's death that occurs within the dues year.  Mortuary Fees are due annually during our membership renewal period (occurring in January of each year).

Member Application.pdf

Membership Policies, Procedures, and Application are listed below in pdf printable version.  Applications will also be available at the front bar.


Any Venetian Club Member (Full or Social) that loses their key card or FOB to the club's front entrance will be charged $10.00 for a replacement.

All Member Dues (Full and Social) are to be renewed annually by Dues Day (January) of each year

For any other questions regarding Membership to The Venetian Club:

Contact: Tom Klein, Venetian Club Financial Secretary
Phone/Text:  (779) 200-2504

Contact: Maria Graciana, Venetian Club Financial Secretary

Phone: (815) 988-0042
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